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Women's Bracelet Jacky - white
Women's Bracelet Jacky - white
19,95 €

Dubout Cats

Dubout Cats
Albert Dubout CatsWhen the renowned French illustrator and caricaturist Albert Dubout puts his pen to papar to sketch his feline companiors, he depicts his cats as we all know them: cats in multitudes and cats all alone, cats in mischief and cats at rest, cats with their kittens and cats in love, cats on the prowl and cats at their best.

Dubout Albert (1905-1976) is well known as a humorous artist, cartoonist and illustrator of books. After studying at the School of Fine Arts in Montpellier, he moved 1924 to Paris. His talent was quickly recognized and he found contact to publishers in France and abroad. In 1936 he illustrated three books of Rabelais and the books by Marcel Pagnol. He worked for many well known magazines and journals and created movie and theater posters and stage designs. In 1992 a museum about Dubout was dedicated in Palavas-les-Flots.

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 Siesta - Dubout Cat  Siesta - Dubout Cat   Available!  7,95 €  Buy 1 'Siesta - Dubout Cat' now 
 Tea Light Holder - Cat Nap (Ball)  Tea Light Holder - Cat Nap (Ball)   Delivery Time 10 - 14 Days!  9,95 €  Buy 1 'Tea Light Holder - Cat Nap (Ball)' now 
 Tea Light Holder - Cat Nap (round)  Tea Light Holder - Cat Nap (round)   Available!  9,95 €  Buy 1 'Tea Light Holder - Cat Nap (round)' now 
 Tealightholder L'Alignment (Ball)  Tealightholder L'Alignment (Ball)   Available!  9,95 €  Buy 1 'Tealightholder L'Alignment (Ball)' now 
 Tealightholder L'Alignment (cyl.)  Tealightholder L'Alignment (cyl.)   Delivery Time 10 - 14 Days!  9,95 €  Buy 1 'Tealightholder L'Alignment (cyl.)' now 
 Tealightholder L'Alignment (round)  Tealightholder L'Alignment (round)   Delivery Time 10 - 14 Days!  9,95 €  Buy 1 'Tealightholder L'Alignment (round)' now 
 Tealightholder - Le troisieme oeil (cyl.)  Tealightholder - Le troisieme oeil (cyl.)   Available!  12,50 €  Buy 1 'Tealightholder - Le troisieme oeil (cyl.)' now 
 Cat Nap - Dubout  Cat Nap - Dubout   Available!  19,95 €  Buy 1 'Cat Nap - Dubout' now 
 La Belle - Dubout  La Belle - Dubout   Available!  19,95 €  Buy 1 'La Belle - Dubout' now 
 Gros Matou  Gros Matou   Delivery Time 10 - 14 Days!  21,50 €  Buy 1 'Gros Matou' now 
 Atrappe moi / Got you - Dubout Cat  Atrappe moi / Got you - Dubout Cat   Available!  24,50 €  Buy 1 'Atrappe moi / Got you - Dubout Cat' now 
 Happy Days - Dubout  Happy Days - Dubout   Available!  24,50 €  Buy 1 'Happy Days - Dubout' now 
 Nid douillet  Nid douillet   Available!  24,90 €  Buy 1 'Nid douillet' now 
 Le troisieme oeil, 24 cm  Le troisieme oeil, 24 cm   Available!  25,90 €  Buy 1 'Le troisieme oeil, 24 cm' now 
 Plan de fuite  Plan de fuite   Available!  25,90 €  Buy 1 'Plan de fuite' now 
 L'Alignment  L'Alignment   Available!  32,50 €  Buy 1 'L'Alignment' now 
 La Promenade - Dubout  La Promenade - Dubout   Available!  32,50 €  Buy 1 'La Promenade - Dubout' now 
 Le Trio  Le Trio   Available!  36,90 €  Buy 1 'Le Trio' now 
 Le troisieme oeil, 33 cm  Le troisieme oeil, 33 cm   Available!  55,00 €  Buy 1 'Le troisieme oeil, 33 cm' now 
 Le Landeau  Le Landeau   Available!  57,50 €  Buy 1 'Le Landeau' now 
 Displaying 1 to 20 (of 20 products)   Result Pages:  1  
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Aquarius (L)
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